Monday, October 12, 2009

On a quest... so stay tuned!

I need to find the motivation to try new recipes again. This little family of ours has all but slumped back into The Usual. And The Usual is not interesting enough for me! So. I am once again on the look out for more new meals to try, whether they be desserts (my favourite thing to make/bake!) or main meals or lunch box ideas for the little people. I have three willing taste testers, and a camera that needs something other than Harvey Boys to photograph!

Instead of me creating a new blog solely for this purpose, I thought I'd just use The Cookbook - after all, it's been neglected for so long and it too needs to be needed for something other than looking back at recipes to double check quantities etc from once new recipes that have now become the norm at our house.

So. Stay tuned... There will be something new I've tried on here soon!

1 comment:

jodz said...

ONYA MEEGS! great to hear your re-vampin the cookbook blog!!!!

maybe you'll inspire me again, lord knows how i need it, although, i am just searching for that salmon recipie to cook tonight! i looooooorrve it!